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50 Synonyms for Important

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Grammar

If you’re looking to change up your vocabulary by using some different words that mean the same thing as the word important, then you’re in the right place!

Since you’ve landed on this article, you’re probably in the editing phase of whatever you’re writing. As you edit, a great way to sharpen your writing is to keep an eye out for words you may have inadvertently overused. Among the words that writers typically over rely on, particularly in academic writing, is the word important.

How commonly overused is important? Well, I’ll go ahead and admit to you now that I caught myself writing then deleting it twice already in this article. We can certainly classify it in the category of word crutches–adjectives that we rely on heavily enough that they feel overused and not fresh or compelling.

The interesting thing about the word important is that the more you use it, the less important it becomes. In other words, if everything is important, is anything important?

If you find yourself leaning too heavily on the word important, try replacing it with another adjective with a similar meaning. This will help to make your writing more interesting, and in turn, stronger and more memorable. Below are 50 synonyms for the word important to try out in your writing.

50 Synonyms for Important 

  1. Big–large, great 
  2. Bottom line–a deciding, crucial factor
  3. Considerable–worthy of respect and attention
  4. Consequential–of significance
  5. Critical–involving skillful judgment 
  6. Crucial–involving an important decision or result
  7. Decisive–commanding, indisputable, definite 
  8. Demanding–requiring intensive attention or effort
  9. Determining–definitive, conclusive
  10. Earnest–demanding or receiving serious attention
  11. Earth-shattering–momentous
  12. Esteemed–acclaimed, prominent
  13. Essential–absolutely necessary, indispensable 
  14. Extensive–comprehensive, thorough
  15. Exceptional–excellent, superior
  16. Exigent–urgent, pressing 
  17. Far-reaching–extending far in influence
  18. Foremost–first in rank
  19. Front-page–of major importance, headline news
  20. Great–considerable in degree, power, or intensity
  21. High-priority–crucial
  22. Historic–well-known in history
  23. Imperative–unavoidable, absolutely necessary
  24. Influential–prominent, having great influence
  25. Key–essential, central
  26. Large–extensive, broad, on a great scale
  27. Life-and-death–very high stakes, possibly ending in death 
  28. Major–great in size or extent
  29. Meaningful–full of significance or purpose
  30. Momentous–meaningful, fateful, of great consequence
  31. Necessary–essential, indispensable 
  32. Notable–worthy of notice
  33. Of note–well known
  34. Of substance–substantial, solid character
  35. Paramount–superior in power, preeminent
  36. Pivotal–central, vital
  37. Pressing–urgent, demanding immediate attention
  38. Primary–chief, first in rank of importance
  39. Principal–foremost, highest in value
  40. Prominent–leading, well known
  41. Relevant–pertinent, applicable
  42. Serious–weighty, requiring thought
  43. Significant–deserving of attention, of consequence  
  44. Standout–superior to others
  45. Superior–higher in station, rank, or degree
  46. Useful–of practical use, serving a purpose
  47. Urgent–requiring immediate attention
  48. Valid–effective, authoritative
  49. Vital–indispensable, necessary to life
  50. Weighty–exerting influence or power

Susan Z. Miller

By Susan Z. Miller

Susan is an English educator, editor, and writer who has enjoyed working within these fields since 2004. Her experience includes teaching at the high school and adult continuing education levels, and writing and editing for multiple regional publications, including Wrightsville Beach Magazine and Encore Magazine. Today she is a copywriter and editor for CastleBranch Inc., as well as editor in chief for the company’s internal e-magazine. A Southern transplant who moved from Ohio to North Carolina, she has embraced the word “y’all” and can tell you how she likes her grits. Check out her official website.


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