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50 Synonyms for Beautiful

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Grammar

Beautiful. It’s a fantastic word, but when used too much, it can diminish the elegance. If you’re looking to find alternatives to the word beautiful, then we have 50 synonyms for you to choose from. 

The word beautiful is a descriptor that we tend to use liberally in English writing and speaking, and if you are aiming to be as illustrative and specific in your writing as possible, it may not be doing you any favors. Let’s take a closer look at why.

The bride was beautiful.


A beautiful stand of pine trees stood in the foreground.


The longer route through the mountains was a beautiful detour. 

When we can use the same adjective to describe a bride, a stand of trees, and a road, it tends to lose its meaning a bit. Furthermore, the word beautiful is weak because it is subjective, meaning that what makes something beautiful to one person may not be the same as what makes something beautiful to another person. Let’s explore what happens when we replace the adjective beautiful with more descriptive choices.

The bride was exquisitely dressed in a cream satin gown and a crown of fresh red roses.


The stand of pine trees stood dark and serene against the fading sunset.


The longer route through the mountains was a detour that provided scenic views of dramatic cliff overlooks.

See how the sentences above paint a clearer, more descriptive picture when we take out the word beautiful and replace it with more descriptive language? In essence, what we are doing is swapping out the subjective word beautiful and showing why these things are beautiful. We’re showing instead of telling.

Need some more inspiration to replace the word beautiful in your writing? 

50 Synonyms for Beautiful

  1. Admirable–excellent, worthy of reverence
  2. Alluring–very attractive, enticing, seductive
  3. Angelic–befitting an angel
  4. Beguiling–intriguing, charming
  5. Beseeching–engaging, entrancing
  6. Bewitching–fascinating, charming 
  7. Captivating–attracting and holding attention 
  8. Charming–delightful, pleasing
  9. Classy–stylish, admirably smart 
  10. Cute–attractive in a dainty way
  11. Dazzling–brilliant, amazing, extremely attractive
  12. Delicate–fine in texture or quality
  13. Delightful–giving great pleasure
  14. Divine–of or related to a god
  15. Elegant–graceful, tastefully fine
  16. Exquisite–extraordinarily fine, rare
  17. Enticing–attractive, alluring
  18. Entrancing–capable of attracting and holding interest
  19. Excellent–outstanding, extremely good
  20. Fair–pleasing to the eye, fresh, flawless
  21. Fascinating–captivating, extremely interesting
  22. Fine–superior in appearance
  23. Foxy–physically attractive
  24. Good-looking–having a pleasing appearance
  25. Gorgeous–brilliant, magnificent
  26. Graceful–pleasing in proportion or movement
  27. Grand–lavish, sumptuous
  28. Handsome–having a dignified appearance
  29. Ideal–a standard of perfection or excellence
  30. Knockout–sensationally attractive
  31. Lovely–eliciting feelings of love
  32. Magnificent–extraordinarily fine, superb 
  33. Magnetic–exerting a strong attractive charm
  34. Marvelous–causing wonder or admiration 
  35. Nice–pleasing, agreeable, delightful
  36. Pleasing–agreeable, gratifying
  37. Pleasant–enjoyable, giving pleasure
  38. Pretty–pleasing to the eye
  39. Ravishing–enchanting, entrancing
  40. Refined–free from coarseness or impurities
  41. Resplendent–gleaming, shining brightly
  42. Seductive–captivating, beguiling 
  43. Shapely–having a pleasing shape
  44. Sightly–attractive
  45. Splendid–gorgeous, magnificent
  46. Statuesque–massive in grace or beauty
  47. Stunning–of striking beauty
  48. Superb–admirably fine or excellent
  49. Sublime–inspiring awe, outstanding
  50. Tempting–enticing or inviting

Susan Z. Miller

By Susan Z. Miller

Susan is an English educator, editor, and writer who has enjoyed working within these fields since 2004. Her experience includes teaching at the high school and adult continuing education levels, and writing and editing for multiple regional publications, including Wrightsville Beach Magazine and Encore Magazine. Today she is a copywriter and editor for CastleBranch Inc., as well as editor in chief for the company’s internal e-magazine. A Southern transplant who moved from Ohio to North Carolina, she has embraced the word “y’all” and can tell you how she likes her grits. Check out her official website.


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