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50 Synonyms for Amazing

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Grammar

Every decade has its most popular superlatives. The 1960s were groovy, the ’70s were far out, the ’80s were rad, and the ’90s rocked. 

We don’t use the term “far out” to describe much of anything anymore, other than Elon Musk’s space-exploration ambitions. So what happened to it? There are plenty of descriptive words that come and go over time within the English language, gaining then losing favor. In Shakespeare’s day, we may have described something that was flawless and perfect as absolute. Much like fashion, food, music, and many other things, language evolves and changes over time.

During the past 10 years, one adjective that has exploded in popularity is the word amazing. By definition, when something is amazing, it is startlingly impressive or something that causes great surprise or wonder. Yet we now commonly use the word to describe anything that we find pleasurable, from a tasty slice of pizza to a relaxing massage. See this video on Instagram? It’s amazing. Hear the new Lizzo song? It’s amazing. Taste this boba tea? AMAZING.

Much like the word important, the adjective amazing has dulled because of frequent overuse. If everything is amazing, how can anything truly be amazing? To make your writing stronger, more vivid and more diverse, consider replacing the word amazing with another choice. 

Need some ideas to get you started? Below is a list of 50 synonyms that you can use to replace the word amazing in your writing.

50 Synonyms for Amazing

  1. Awesome–extremely good, impressive, or daunting
  2. Astonishing–surprising
  3. Astounding–very notable, impressive
  4. Awe-inspiring–arousing awe, magnificent
  5. Breathtaking–so astonishing it takes your breath away
  6. Brilliant–bright and radiant, or exceptionally clever and talented
  7. Captivating–charming, holds your interest
  8. Charming–pleasant, attractive, likable
  9. Compelling–evoking interest
  10. Dazzling–extremely bright, beautiful
  11. Delicious–very tasty
  12. Divine–sacred, or use informally to mean delightful 
  13. Elegant–graceful and stylish
  14. Elevated–high-ranking intellectual level or social status
  15. Exalted–noble, held in high regard
  16. Excellent–very good, outstanding
  17. Exquisite–extremely beautiful
  18. Fascinating–drawing attention and interest
  19. Glittering–impressively successful
  20. Glorious–bringing fame or admiration
  21. Gorgeous–very attractive, pleasant, beautiful
  22. Grand–magnificent in size or scale
  23. Grandiose–impressive and imposing in appearance
  24. Heavenly–very pleasing, of the heavens
  25. Incredible–difficult to believe, extraordinary
  26. Imposing–grand and impressive in appearance
  27. Inspiring–creating a positive urge
  28. Lavish–rich, elaborate, luxurious
  29. Magnificent–extravagant, sublime
  30. Majestic–stately, grand
  31. Miraculous–of the nature of a miracle, marvelous
  32. Prodigious–extraordinary in size, degree or extent
  33. Resplendent–gleaming, splendid
  34. Shocking–causing intense surprise
  35. Splendid–grand, superb, gorgeous
  36. Spectacular–dramatically daring, thrilling
  37. Staggering–overwhelming
  38. Striking–attractive, impressive
  39. Stunning–strikingly beautiful
  40. Sublime–inspiring awe, supreme, outstanding
  41. Surprising–causing wonder or astonishment
  42. Standout–outstanding, superior 
  43. Stupefying–stunning, astounding
  44. Stupendous–causing amazement, marvelous
  45. Sumptuous–luxuriously fine, lavish
  46. Superior–above average in excellence
  47. Unbelievable–extraordinary, so remarkable it’s hard to believe
  48. Unimaginable–inconceivable, difficult to believe 
  49. Wonderful–excellent, great, marvelous 
  50. Wondrous–amazing, astonishing 

Susan Z. Miller

By Susan Z. Miller

Susan is an English educator, editor, and writer who has enjoyed working within these fields since 2004. Her experience includes teaching at the high school and adult continuing education levels, and writing and editing for multiple regional publications, including Wrightsville Beach Magazine and Encore Magazine. Today she is a copywriter and editor for CastleBranch Inc., as well as editor in chief for the company’s internal e-magazine. A Southern transplant who moved from Ohio to North Carolina, she has embraced the word “y’all” and can tell you how she likes her grits. Check out her official website.


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