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“Melon” Reading by Author E.J. Schwartz

by | Aug 28, 2022 | Creative Writing, Interview

The Writer’s Hive team shot a beautiful fiction reading of “Melon” by author E.J. Schwartz a while back, and it was one of our favorites because the creative writing community doesn’t always get the highest quality, cinematic videos for this kind of thing. We shot this on a rooftop in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, and it turned out amazing. What a powerful fiction piece by E.J.! If you haven’t checked out her debut YA novel Before We Were Blue, you can do so by visiting Amazon or Barnes and Noble! If you’d like to read the full fiction piece, you can do so by going here.


Mel Beasley
By Mel Beasley

Mel Beasley has a bachelor’s in creative writing and journalism from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He brings 9+ years of digital marketing and writing experience to the table by writing for publications such as Lumina News and Encore Magazine. He spent 2 years as a college-level writing tutor, and is a certified writing tutor through the CRLA, which is a prestigious cert recognized by the Association for the Coaching & Tutoring Profession. He is a professional SEO blogger with experience writing for brands such as Boardworks Education and The Greater Wilmington Business Journal. One of his latest website and marketing projects has been building the website for the now New York Times Bestselling author, Nina de Gramont.


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